Acumen, located in the Greater Cincinnati area, has provided on-site service to clients in Chicago, New York, Tampa, and Pittsburgh, as well as U.S. corporate facilities in Europe. Whether you’re faced with a major project that might require our services for an extended period of time, or you simply need some temporary, “as needed” support, we can meet your needs. 

In some cases we perform our services within our client facilities, or remotely via VPN and similar connections. We can also provide you the benefit of having your development and testing done on our own I-Series systems, resulting in minimal impact on your office space and processing resources.
When Acumen Consulting Inc. was established in 1996, our goal was to assemble an elite group of associates with the skill and experience to assist any company, regardless of size or market focus, to reap the maximum benefit from their data processing infrastructure and applications. 

Our team members possess superior technical ability and communication skills and we are always open to the talent and experience that our counterparts within your organization bring to the table.